Audition reading with appropriately themed diaglogue
Betty: You're still here?
Rita: I came back. I thought that's what you wanted.
Betty: Nobody wants you here.
Rita: Really?

Welcome to Hollywood!
Did I mention that Mulholland Dr. is a vitriolic ode to Hollywood? Its title reminds one of Sunset Blvd., Billy Wilder's movie on Hollywood with very same theme of betrayal and disillusionment behind its glamor.

Betty gets some firsthand taste of Hollywood...

... and catches Adam Kesher's attention

which bears a comparison to the director's relationship with Camille Rhodes in Bizarro World B.

I see double people.

Or should I call it Doppelganger?

Betty: Have you ever done this before?
Rita: I don't know.

Can it be more obvious that Rita and Betty have something more than hair in common?

No hay banda! There is no band! Il n'y a pas d'orchestre! . . . No hay banda, yet we hear a band.

Betty seems to have whatever that is opposite of exorcism


Betty finds a blue box in her purse, whose lock matches a blue key in Rita's purse.

Pandora's box, that opens Bizarro World B.

Cowboy: Hey, pretty girl...time to wake up.

In Bizarro World B, red lamp and ashtray serve as clues to time passage as some scenes are out of sequence. Diane Selwyn has recollections on supposedly (and possibly) dead Camille.
I guess one reason lesbianism is more tolerated than homosexualism for guys is that it's like 2-for-1 special.

Adam Kesher in Bizarro World A is probably Bob Brooker in Bizarro World B, - not to be confused with Bob Brooker in Bizarro World A - who is mentioned as the director of Silvia North Story, which is credited to have made a star out of Camille Rhodes.

Camille Rhodes of Bizarro World A meets Camille Rhodes in Bizarro World B. Since they don't explode to annihilation upon contact, I guess we can exclude the case of anti-matter here.

Diane can stand another man but not another woman

Diane, who is not dissimilar to the prostitute-like looking girl with Joe in Bizarro World A, orders a hit on Camille, which brings the story to full circle.

The Furies are out of box

Is this Bizarro World A? Or Bizarro World B? Heaven? Bizarro World C?
Ad Infinitum . . .